Main Lodge

The Camps

The primary camps of Northern Hideaway consist of three camps in a complex on the Big Black River. The Main Lodge sleeps a total of ten in three separate bedrooms. It has dining-living room area with a field stone fireplace. This camp is the showpiece of the facility as Judy is extremely proud of what she, Rod, and their two sons built and rightfully so.

Behind the Main Lodge sits the Log Camp. This can best be described as a typical Maine Hunting Camp. There is a kitchen-dining area and a back room that sleeps six. 

Log Cabin & Bath House

During the warm months a gas fired hot water heater and a generator provides guests with a shower. During the colder months, water is heated on gas burner and one can take a bucket shower as it is called in the north woods.

The camps are all heated with wood and have gas lights and gas stoves for cooking. There are four privies or outhouses on the grounds. The generator is only running when the shower is in use. Water is available at the spring on the camp road. While this may sound like roughing it to some, the camps are extremely comfortable. Guests can enjoy the serenity of the deep woods and relax without the every day hassles and noises.



spring camp aframe

Spring Camp

One and a half miles upriver from the main complex sits the Spring Camp. This camp sleeps ten with the use of the bunkhouse. The Spring Camp is so named for the spring that is located nearby and piped into the camp during the warmer months providing indoor running water and shower. It is outfitted as the other camps with gas lights and stove and wood heat.

Seven miles from the river camps is the border between Maine and Quebec. Here the rest of the operation sits. Next to the owner’s house is the Bears Den. This camp has electricity and indoor bathroom with a shower as well as a kitchen with an electric stove. It is heated with wood. It sleeps six.

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