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300 Pound DeerA 300 lb. deer. That hunter was a VERY, VERY HAPPY HUNTER!

Terry From Vermont2007 Deer Hunt

If you want to experience a Maine Deer Camp and have the opportunity to bag the buck of a lifetime then look no further. Northern Hideaway offers a traditional Maine deer hunt.

We are located in Wildlife Management Zone 1. Our area does not produce numbers of deer each year but whitetails weighing over 200 pounds come from this region each year. Approximately 600 bucks breaking the 200-pound mark are killed in Maine each year. Many of these monsters come from Aroostook County. Hunters come and spend their time with us not to get a deer each year but to possibly have a chance at the huge bucks that inhabit our ridges and swamps. Your odds of taking a trophy buck are about 10% to 15% at best. Not the best odds in the world but those are the facts!

Our deer season runs for four weeks in Maine. It ends the first Saturday after Thanksgiving. We then follow that up with a one-week muzzleloading season that opens the Monday after Thanksgiving. Muzzle loading season often finds the deer heading for the wintering yards. This can be a very productive week most years.

Dan's BuckDeer Down

Our rut traditionally peaks around the 18th of November. You will observe rutting activity throughout the entire season. Moon phase and weather plays into the equation a great deal. Typically we have snow to hunt on during the third and fourth weeks of the season.

This is a big woods hunt. There will not be a hunter behind every tree. Our hunting area is a large tract of working forest. Come prepared for this! It is deer hunting at its finest!

The staff at Northern Hideaway knows that coming to deer camp does not necessarily mean getting a deer. It means good company, good food, and good times. We strive to make our lodge and camps a place you will want to return to each year. We will make sure that you are comfortable during your stay.

We also offer a Maine Youth Day Deer Hunt special package.
Contact us for details and share the great Maine tradition of deer hunting with a child.



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